Mobile Zone Introduction

Mobile Zone (MZ) is not an unknown term especially to mobile phone lovers. It is a company established in 2002 with the aim to introduce top mobile brands, products and keep mobile users intact with latest mobile stuff and related technologies. The aim turned into a reality and now Mobile Zone (MZ) is stands as a tycoon among mobile phone companies in Pakistan. The secret behind this are both the extensive sales network and quality services offered by Mobile Zone (MZ).

It is observed that with in no time (since establishment of Mobile Zone), MZ has managed to win excellence awards. Most important achievement for Mobile Zone (MZ) is the satisfaction of its both Pakistani and International mobile customers. Do not forget that Mobile Zone (MZ) is also operating in Bangladesh and Afghanistan to provide premium mobile services and aiming for more geographic expansions.

Though the Pakistan head office of Mobile Zone (MZ) is in Karachi the company also owns regional offices and customer care centers in almost all cities of Pakistan. In the past people used to acquire Mobile Zone (MZ) brands through mobile dealers networked to us. Now they have freedom to acquire their favorite cellular brands through Mobile Zone (MZ) owned branches and outlets. The qualified, trained and customer care conscious staff employed by Mobile Zone (MZ) is also another factor which contributed to the glory of Mobile Zone (MZ).

The state of the art technology, updated software & hardware equipment deployed in Mobile Zone (MZ) services centers / outlets and standards are the aspects over which Mobile Zone (MZ) has never compromised. More good news for our value added customers is the availability of Mobile Zone (MZ) Collection Points. This will create more accessibility to beloved Mobile Zone (MZ) customers.

With all this Mobile Zone (MZ) is giving new dimensions to cellular and mobile phones related services industry.

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Cell Phones with Mobile Zone and United Mobiles Warranty in Pakistan

IT & Telecom industry is not only rapidly growing internationally but also making a significant impact in Pakistan. There are approximately 10 million subscribers of mobile SIM cards as stated by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). You cannot imagine that even a single day comprises thousands of transactions related to buy and sale of mobile phones in Pakistan. For the sake of mental freedom it is recommended that one should buy a mobile set which lies with in warranty.

People in Pakistan prefer buying mobile phones and hand sets of warranty attributed to Mobile Zone (MZ) and United Mobiles. The services offered by both of these companies are unparallel with satisfactory customer support in the case of handset problems. Both of these companies own technicians who are experts to resolve any problem in mobile handsets of there valued customers. Many people in Pakistan are also inclined towards buying and purchase phenomenon of second hand mobile phones. This gives them accessibility to lavish brands of mobile phones at meager prices. Majority of second hand sets are smuggled so there is no question of warranty. An individual seller is also fond of purchasing second hand mobile phones so hardly a warranty is offered by him. Usually the warranty of second hand phones is expired during sale and purchase in Pakistan.

For particular instant purchasing of second hand mobile phones sounds good. But it comes to pay when a problem will arise and especially with in fewer days of mobile phone’s purchase. The buyer will rush into mobile repairing shop and sometimes pay more than it cost him. Even after mobile repairing similar problems may arise within a week as independent mobile phone repairers do not own enough skills to fix mobile phones. So instead of bearing this sort of mental torture one should prefer buying warranted mobiles phones of Mobile Zone (MZ) and united mobiles.

So do not forget to buy warranted mobiles phones from Mobile Zone (MZ) or united mobiles to ensure mental freedom and the best of product for you.


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